Your Child’s Day

At Elanora Heights Community Preschool, children provide the ideas that form the basis of the educational program that is planned, implemented and facilitated by our Educators. The following is a general guide of a typical day at Preschool but the daily program is always flexible according to the needs and interests of the children as well as the weather.

Our Daily Routine

9.00am – 9.30am Children arrive, unpack bags and say goodbye to parents.

8.45am-9.00am (Mon/Tues/Wed); 8.15am –9.00am (Thur/Fri)

9.00am – 10.15am
Outdoor Program – Planned activities based on the children’s interests and developmental needs.
10.30am – 11.00am Morning Group – Acknowledgment to Country, songs/rhymes/finger plays, stories and discussion.
11.00am – 11.30am
Morning Tea – The children gather together on the verandah for morning tea (brought from home).
11.30am – 12.00noon Indoor Program – Planned learning experiences based on the children’s interests, needs and intentional teaching moments.
12.30pm – 1.00pm
Group Time – Stories, singing/dancing, group games, science experiments, group discussions and intentional teaching.
1.00pm – 1.30pm Lunch (brought from home) on the verandah.
1.30pm – 2.00pm
Rest Time – Children listen to relaxing music, stories read out loud and/or participate in quiet activities or yoga exercises, depending on their needs.
2.00pm – 2.30pm
Children get ready to go home – Shoes and socks on, collecting artworks, packing bags etc.
2.00pm – 2.30pm Afternoon Activities – Puzzles, news and story time.
2.30pm – 3.00pm Outdoor Play – Children put suncream and hats on.

All Children depart by 3.15pm (Mon/Tues/Wed) and 3.45pm (Thus/Fri).

Our Curriculum

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

The EYLF forms the foundation for ensuring that children in all early childhood education and care settings experience quality teaching and learning. It has a specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognises the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social and emotional development. Early childhood educators guided by the Framework will reinforce in their daily practice the principles laid out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (the Convention). The Convention states that all children have the right to an education that lays a foundation for the rest of their lives, maximises their ability, and respects their family, cultural and other identities and languages. The Convention also recognises children’s right to play and be active participants in all matters affecting their lives.


Children at Elanora Heights Community Preschool are provided with opportunities to participate in a wide range of experiences, carefully planned by highly qualified Educators to enhance and maximise the development of each child. Our Indoor and Outdoor Programs are guided by the unique strengths, interests and needs of the children. Each child’s learning and development is assessed or evaluated by Educators as part of an ongoing cycle of observation, analysing learning, documentation, planning, implementation and reflection. The Preschool also schedules a number of visiting performers and excursions throughout the year to enhance the children’s learning.