Get Involved

Get Involved

As a not-for-profit, community-based preschool, the administration and management of Elanora Heights Community Preschool is sustained by a dedicated and collaborative team of educators, volunteers and local community members.


Community is a core value at our preschool. We recognise that our children and families help shape the culture and structure of our preschool. For example, some of the many ways that we welcome and encourage parents’ contributions throughout the year is by inviting parents to participate in preschool events and join the preschool management committee. We also are dependent on the hard work of volunteer parents who organise fundraising events and get their hands dirty during the week on parent roster duty!


We believe that communication is key to sustaining our community connection.  Regular newsletters, our new Kindy Hub App, and notes sent home, are some of many ways we stay in touch with our preschool families.

Board of Directors

An eight to ten member Board of Directors is elected from the parent body at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held early in the year. The Board is concerned with the day-to-day management of the preschool including finance, staffing, budgeting, fee collection, enrolments etc. The Board usually meets once a month.

Parent Group

A nine-member Parent Group Committee is also elected at the AGM. The main function of the Parent Group is to organise social and fundraising events during the year to improve the functioning of the preschool. A support committee to the Parent Group is also elected. Parent Group meetings are held at least once a term.


Fundraising is an essential part of the preschool. The money raised is used to purchase toys and equipment for the use of the children. Fundraising events also include raffles, sale of the Entertainment Book, tea towels or melamine plates printed with the children’s drawings to name just a few.

Special Event Committee

A major fundraiser e.g. trivia night, art show etc. is held every year and a separate committee is elected to run this event. Parents who have been involved in these events often form life long friendships.

Parent Roster

Parents are also asked to assist with packing away and cleaning duties one morning per term and with linen washing, fundraising, small maintenance tasks and end of term clean up. This assistance helps keep fees low as we don’t have to employ someone to do the job.


Parents are also occasionally required to assist in the supervision of children on excursions.

Parent Visits

Parents are welcome to share their talents, knowledge, cultural background and other resources related to our programming. From Term 2 onwards parents are invited to spend a morning at preschool helping children with the morning activities. The children love to share this time and staff appreciate the help.

Business Register

Depending on demand we may publish a Business Register in which parents with their own businesses can advertise for a small fee. The Register will be widely distributed to the local community.


We would also like to acknowledge the generous support of May & Jack from Elanora IGA and Aussie Farmers Direct.