Get Involved

Get Involved

As a community-based preschool, we rely on family involvement to ensure preschool is a success for the children.

Board of Directors

Elanora Heights Community Preschool is a community-based preschool. This means it is governed by a volunteer committee. Without a committee preschool would not be able to operate. The committee’s role is to govern the organisation. The committee is ultimately responsible for the organisations legal obligations and insuring it’s on going viability. The committee is accountable to its members of the organisation, clients and the broader community. 

To ensure the organisation meets its objectives, the committee employs an Nominated Supervisor to manage the day to day operations of the service.

The effectiveness of the organisation is dependent on a well-defined partnership with the Nominated Supervisor, through a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities and through regular open communication.


What is the committee?

The committee is made up of Office Bearers. Office Bearers hold the following positions:


Vice Chairperson



Alongside these roles we also require further committee members to be nominated and form the full committee. These are placed in the following roles:

Public Officer

Assistant Treasurer

Assistant Secretary

Fundraising & Events Coordinator

How do I join the committee?

Members of the committee are elected at the annual general meeting (AGM) held each year.  Nominations are required in writing 7 days before the AGM.