Starting Preschool


Elanora Heights Community Preschool holds an Information Evening each year for new families to come along, meet our team and learn about our preschool. We also hold ‘Orientation Sessions’ at preschool for new children and families in Term 4.

As part of our comprehensive orientation process families are provided with a booklet to take home and read with their child about starting preschool. Inside you’ll find helpful hints, including information regarding our daily routines and practices to help make the transition to preschool easier for you and your family to get your child ready for preschool. Our ‘Welcome to Preschool’ booklet is designed to support your child’s  transition to ensure it’s a positive and happy one.

What to Bring to Preschool:

Back Pack:

A sturdy backpack (preferably with pockets on the side) that is large enough to hold your child’s drink bottle, spare clothes, art work and lunch and morning tea containers.

Drink Bottle: 

A reusable spill-proof water bottle clearly labelled with your child’s name – water only please. Water is available at all times for children to refill their drink bottles throughout the day.

Morning Tea:

A healthy and nutritious morning tea in a small container with your child’s name on it (e.g. vegetable sticks, cheese and plain crackers, yoghurt, fresh or dried fruits).


A healthy and wholesome lunch in a clearly marked lunch box with your child’s name (e.g. sandwich, wrap, salad, pasta, rice). All lunches are placed in the fridge so please do not send a large lunch box or lunch bag as we are unable to fit 40 lunch boxes of this size into our fridge. For safety reasons, we are unable to heat up children’s food in the microwave.


Children are required to wear well fitted shoes that are safe and comfortable to walk, climb, run and dance in. Ideally shoes that encourage your child to feel confident and independent by being simple enough for them to manage with little adult help. Please no gumboots or thongs at preschool.

Spare Clothes:

Accidents may happen when children are engrossed in play or during water play and painting activities.  All clothing, including shoes and socks, must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and must be in your child’s bag everyday.

Sun Safe Hat:

Each child must come to preschool with a broad brimmed hat to wear outdoors each day. For safety reasons all hats must be toggle free.  Children must also come to preschool in clothing that has sleeves to protect their shoulders against the risk of sunburn.


Sunscreen is to be applied each day before preschool. Sunscreen is available at preschool if you forget to apply it before leaving home. Children with skin allergies are invited to bring in their own sunscreen.


Sheets are hired by families at the start of each year in Term 1 and returned at the end of Term 4. Please ensure you child’s sheets are brought to preschool each week for your child to use at rest time.

Comfort Item: 

A special blanket or stuffed toy can go a long way in easing your child’s anxiety throughout the day or at rest time if needed.


Tips for starting preschool:

  • Encourage independence
    Children who are able to care for themselves and their belongings will feel more confident at preschool. Parents/carers can encourage children to practise personal hygiene, such as wiping their nose and toileting independently. Help your child to feel confident and independent by dressing them in clothing which is simple enough for them to manage with little adult help. Children who assist in packing their bag at home each morning will readily identify their own belongings during the day.
  • Label equipment and clothing
    Children’s belongings may look very similar to their classmates’. Labelling your child’s equipment and clothing with their name will help prevent loss, confusion and possible upset for your child.
  • Pack a change of clothes for preschool
    Accidents do happen. There may be a toilet mishap, wet sleeves from hand washing, or mess from craft or outdoor experiences. When accidents occur children prefer to change into their own clothes, rather than “school clothes”. Pack a spare set of clothes, labelled with your child’s name, in your child’s bag.
  • Participate in the preschool and the school
    Parents/carers are welcome to participate in the preschool by attending special activities and by volunteering to help in the classroom. This may assist to reassure your child that you are interested in them and their preschool.
  • Provide information about your child’s immunisation status
    Your child will be coming into contact with other children and infections can spread quickly. Immunisation records will be requested for preschool enrolment.  Under the Public Health (Amendment) Act 1992, children who have not been immunised may be sent home during an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease.



Elanora Heights Community Preschool promotes safe, healthy eating habits in line with the ‘Munch and Move’ NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children birth to 5 years. We believe that good nutrition contributes to good health and wellbeing and this is vital for positive engagement in learning and play activities throughout the day.

Meals are not provided by the preschool and families are to provide a healthy morning tea and lunch each day to ensure their child is fuelled with the nutrients they require for a fun and active day at preschool.

We do have special treats at preschool from time to time, however, our nutrition policy specifies that children are encouraged to eat healthy foods while at preschool and therefore we ask for your support by not sending to preschool any of the following or similar foods: chips, lollies, biscuits, chocolate and chocolate coated snacks, cakes, processed fruit wraps, etc. We also ask that you consider the nutritional value of ‘prepackaged’ foods.

Please note Elanora Heights Community Preschool is a Nut Free Zone