Your Child’s Experience

We send home a Daily Journal via the Kindyhub app to inform parents/carers of the week’s events.  It’s a visual diary that contains photos, captions and information on our day at preschool for you to share with your child. This often avoids the “what did you do at preschool today?”- “nothing”. You can both look at the book and discuss what happened during the day.

Our iPads display some of the daily activities that the children have engaged in.

Another treasured item is your child’s Portfolio. When your child commences preschool with us we start a portfolio which contains samples of their art and craft works and also many photos of activities and experiences they have encountered during the preschool year. They are available at anytime but we usually display them at the end of each term. At the end of the year they are sent home for you to keep.

We aim to provide an enriching, exciting and educational experience for your child so throughout the year we have many visitors, excursions and special events e.g. musicians, science shows, environmental programs, multicultural and wildlife educators.